Apple Pencil Pairing / Straight Line Drawing Issues

If you experience Apple Pencil Pairing / Straight Line Drawing Issues, please refer to the following instruction.

Restart the device

By turning an device on for a long time, the pencil may not work properly as the connection between them lasts for a long time. Most of the issues will be resolved after restarting an device.

Unpair Apple Pencil Bluetooth and Try Pairing it Again

Repeat On/Off in iOS Settings > Bluetooth.
After deleting the Apple Pencil from the Bluetooth device list, connect it to the device again 2-3 times to proceed with pairing.

Check the Apple Pencil Tip

If the connection between the Apple pencil and the tip is loose, the handwriting won’t work out the way it should, so make sure to tighten it.
If the tip of the Apple pencil is worn out, handwriting will constantly crack. The tips are consumable items so we recommend you check the tip and replace it with a new tip if it is worn out.

Electrostatic or Residual Current

The residual current during charging may cause the lines to bounce, so remove the charger and use it.
It may be caused by static electricity even if it is not charging. In this case, wipe the screen with a damp fabric before using it.

Settings > Accessibility > Zoom Off

If a Zoom feature is on, the Apple pencil may be disconnected.
iOS Settings > Accessibility > Zoom and turn it off.

Problems with Apple Pencil

There may be a problem with your Apple pencil hardware. We recommend you to replace it with another Apple pencil and test it.

Screen Protector

If you put a screen protector on an iPad, you may experience Apple pencil pairing issues.
If you have tried all of the above that are listed, but still couldn’t solve the issue, we recommend you to remove the screen protector and test it again.