Gestures Do Not Work on PDF

Guide when Flexcil gestures do not work

Text selection gesture may not work in scanned documents or image-based documents.

Scanned documents / image-based documents

Image-based PDF documents do not contain text data internally. Therefore, gestures such as text selection, underline, circles, parentheses and etc. do not work. However, image capture gestures such as square and L-shape gestures are also available in image documents. In the case of these documents, you can use gestures if you process OCR (Optical character recognition) through a separate tool or service.

Text selection works in other apps, but gestures don't work in Flexcil?

In this case, it is most likely a Flexcil problem. If you share the document with the problem to, we will analyze the cause and solve it as soon as possible. (It is okay to share only a part of the PDF, not the entire PDF, and the document will be destroyed after solving the problem.)